The Program

How does the program work?

The program is designed to provide an «immersive» structure where you will have classes 5x/week for 1 hour. This provides consistency and overall a faster and cost effective approach to reaching Spanish fluency. You will meet daily with the same tutor through the Zoom platform. Every class is recorded and made available to study and review. All you need is a notebook and pen, no need to purchase any extra books!

More specific details:

In this program, you will not only become acquainted with key terminology of the Spanish language, but with the culture as well.

Through the 4 basic integrated skills of language learning, our students will achieve proficiency in:
– Oral fluency
– Reading
– Writing
– Listening

Spanish4Servants also focuses on the following social, practical, travel & safety and ministry areas of the language:

– Meeting people
– Greetings
– Social basics
– Family
– Descriptions
– Numbers
– Telling time
– The calendar
– Currency/money
– Shopping
– General communication
– Construction terms
– House/housing materials
– Household items
– Food (types)
– Eating out
– Travel & transportation (types, locations, etc.)
– Emergencies & emergency numbers
– Medical information
– Ministry music
– Church
– The Bible
– Inviting people to a service
– Working with young people and adults
– Prayer
– Evangelism
– The alphabet, phonetics & spelling
– Verb conjugation rules
– Sentence structure, building simple sentences

In addition to the aforementioned areas, we integrate grammar, vocabulary, and interactive games to reinforce the 4 integrated skills of language learning.

Aside from the 4 integrated skills of language learning, our program focuses on:

1. Effective writing and Reading skills
2. Strong listening and speaking skills
3. Vocabulary building
4. Proper pronunciation of the Spanish language in daily conversations, teaching, preaching, sharing the Gospel
5. Multicultural awareness and assimilation
6. Conversation norms for specific countries
7. Reading, studying, writing sermons in Spanish
8. Building cultural competence

Other activities:
1. Practice oral fluency and pronunciation through real-case scenario dialogue
2. Real life situations
4. Computer exercises & other interactive activities
5. Presentations and sermon preparation assistance
6. Cultural knowledge

No prior knowledge of the Spanish language is necessary.

How much does the program cost?

For a traditional private one-on-one program the cost is $30/hour. This is on par with any private Spanish tutor on other platforms. You can trust that our program is Christ centered and focused on providing a Spanish learning education using the Bible and God honoring curriculum.

  • No need to travel daily to a physical location or relocate your family to a Spanish program prior to leaving for the mission field.
  • Save time trying other programs that don’t have a ministry focused curriculum
  • Start learning today before reaching the mission field
  • All classes are recorded for you to review and practice outside of class time.

We also provide various pricing models if you do group lessons and will be happy to discuss a pricing model that will work for you.

When do you think I can start teaching/preaching in Spanish?

We have consistently helped our students from beginner level develop their Spanish skills within 6-8 months to start preaching and teaching. This ultimately depends on the work and effort put forth by each student with daily homework and recommended tips.

Can you show me an example of a typical class?

Yes, prior to starting the program we can meet and discuss in person your personal goals, level of Spanish, and personal learning style. Learning Spanish is much more than learning grammar, it’s learning how to listen and speak in real life situations.

Here is a typical class structure:

5-10 minutes: General conversation with real life scenarios

10 minutes: Review homework and make corrections

30 minutes: Lesson (Grammar Rules, Vocabulary, Speaking)

10 minutes: Review lesson and discuss homework