One Sunday Morning…

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One Sunday morning in Peru…

angry pastor

…a missionary from the United States announced from the pulpit in very broken Spanish “Pasen todos los adúlteros adelante.” No one budged from their seats and sat very still. The missionary became a little upset and repeated “¡Pasen todos los adúlteros adelante!” Once again, there was complete silence and everyone just kind of looked at each other. Very frustrated by this point, the missionary started yelling “Los adúlteros, los adúlteros! ¡Tu, tu, tu, y tu!” pointing at different individuals in the congregation. The wives, whose husbands had been pointed at, stared at their husbands in horror.

Moral of the Story: Be sure you understand what you are saying when you are speaking in a different language. The missionary, in his mind, was simply asking the adults (adultos) to come forward to show them to their Sunday School rooms. In actuality, he was calling on all the adulterers (adúlteros) and then started singling each one out.

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