Tuition & Fees


The monthly tuition provides you access to 5 hours a week of real-time classes, downloadable materials, weekly quizzes and monthly tests (don’t worry, the grade is not important – it is simply a way for your teachers to see where you need more help. We want you to actually learn – not simply pass a test!). If you wish to spend more time practicing and reviewing, we will also offer practice rounds for whoever wants to participate, completely free of charge.


  1. If you and your spouse sign up to the program at the same time, he/she will receive a 25% DISCOUNT throughout the entire program.

  2. For every person (not a direct family member) who signs up to the program upon your invitation, you will receive one month of classes with 50% OFF.


If you are studying at a Bible college, you will be offered a 25% discount throughout our entire program and you will be exonerated from the registration fee.


If you have a student in high school who wants to learn real Spanish, he/she will pay a special price. If there is more than one student, contact us and we will offer you a lower price.


Spanish If for whatever reason you do not pay the monthly tuition, your classes will be suspended, but you are welcome to return to the program at any time without any re-instatement fees. We fully understand that in the ministry there may be times that you will not be able to take your classes for an extended period of time, due to travels, conferences, etc. While we recommend that you adhere to the program in order to master Spanish at a quicker pace, if it is necessary to suspend the classes, we hope you will return quickly.


All tuition and fees are in US Dollars. All payments are made online by credit or debit card (this is the only form of payment available).

Special Note:

If for any reason you cannot pay the suggested price, contact us and we will find the way to help you.

For more information, contact us.

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